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Convection in Bali       Denpasar Utara       Jambangan Bali Garment Manufacturer

How We Work?

We are ethically & sustainably minded  garment manufacturer located in Denpasar Utara, Bali, Indonesia. As an experienced ladies apparel and resort wear manufacturer, Jambangan Bali produces quality clothing for labels around the world. Here is how we do garment manufacturing process from the beginning to the end.


Bring your design/ tech packs, photo reference, fabrics & clothes to be modified to us. We'll help to create the samples for you based on these, before you're ready to make the bigger scale production. We do all range of clothing for womenswear, from dress to pants and blouse. We work with cotton, linen, rayon, silk, bamboo, ecovero, etc. 

Sampling cost is 2x production price, since process is slower, we can fix and modify the sample style during this stage. Sampling time +/- 1 up to 2 weeks or depends on the quantity of the samples to make.

pattern making

Pattern making and size grading is essential to do to make the perfect sample and guide the mass production of garments. We charge for pattern making and size grading once only, for every new style in production. Once pattern and samples are approved, we will manufacture the clothing based on the agreed sizing diagrams, with +/- 1 cm tolerance. 


We have low MOQ of 20 pcs per style in mix sizing and prints. We can handle your production needs, from preparing the fabric & materials, cutting, sewing, packing to shipping the garments to your doorstep, all include. Or you can also send your ready-to-cut fabrics to us, we will do the manufacturing (CMT) for you. Production time vary, generally from 2.5 weeks to 6 weeks depends on the styles and quantity. Our monthly capacity is +/- 4,000 pcs.


We have accounts with DHL, Fedex, to assist with shipping, we can also help to arrange shipping through post office or other cargo if needed. Shipping time is vary between 3 to 10 working days. We will give shipping quotes and options for our partner label to choose which one works best for them. We are ready to label, pack and ship worldwide!

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